Saruk suicide case: Everyone’s attention on mobile

The talk of actor Saruk Tamrakar’s suicide case has not yet been losing heat in the film industry. Saruk, who stepped into the Nepali film industry with the film ‘Intu Mintu Londonma’, showed his acting skills in ‘Meri Mamu’, ‘Rani’, ‘Namari Baache’ in a short period of time.

The last time he was acting in the film ‘Hashtag Maya’, he could not finish the work of this film. Because he himself decided to end his life and chose the path of suicide.

A few hours before he committed suicide, his parents had gone to a party. According to the family, even though the parents asked Saruk to come to the party, he informed the parents that he would come sometime. But instead of going to the party, he came home and took a wrong decision.

Although Saruk committed suicide, the reason why he committed suicide is still a mystery. Because Saruk was known as a simple and honest actor in the film industry.

Why did Saruk choose suicide? This is one question that filmmakers have now. However, his name is not associated with an actress. But even if the name is connected, there is no reason to doubt the actress. Because Saruk has not left any evidence to be doubted. Even though there is no suicide note, there is no evidentiary basis for suspicion.

Saruk is the son of actor Sanu Tamrakar. Like Sanu, the filmmakers were impressed by Saruk’s honest and simple image.

According to those who knew Saruk closely, he was also mentally fit. No complaint has been filed with the police about this incident from the family or anyone else. Therefore, the police have concluded that there is no reason to suspect the situation at the scene and the investigation is continuing.

According to the police, he did not contact any family member and did not send any message. But at the last moment, it has been sent to the mobile forensics department saying that there may have been a message exchange or conversation with someone on the mobile phone.

Saruk was close to an actress for a few years. What was not hidden in the media. There are also gossips about them. Some filmmakers doubted the actress but remained silent due to lack of evidence. Now everyone’s attention is on mobile. The fact that it came from the forensic lab will reveal the reason for Saruk’s suicide.

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