The film “Upahaar” received backlash for its Siddharth Bank commercial.

In order to raise money for film production, producers now collaborate with businesses. The producer receives a sizable payment when a film is used to promote a brand or product. As a result, advertisements begin to take precedence over storylines in filmmaking. It is being said that when ads are positioned in a way that undermines the meaning and core of the narrative, viewers’ dislike for the film grows.

The Gyanendra Deuja directed film “Upahaar,” which has been in theaters since last Friday, has similar commercials. The narrative now includes Siddharth Bank, who is mentioned as a “banking partner” in the film. The loan-to-auction procedure for Siddharth’s house is depicted in the film. In the film, a female character has a unique role as “the staff” of the bank, whose sole job it is to advertise the bank.

Comments referring to “Upahaar” as a “biopic” of Siddharth Bank have been made ever since its release. Actor Deepak Prasad Acharya mocked the film on Facebook on Thursday, referring to it as a “bank advertisement.” He posted on social media that he had “came to watch the bank advertisement” following the announcement that the film show had been “cancelled.” Additionally, Director Gyanendra Deuja has responded to Acharya.

Deuja writes, “You should write the script of ‘Sakkigoni’ without bothering to watch the advertisement,” in response to Acharya’s status. I heard that the ‘Sakkigoni’ team is also making a film; we are waiting. It might be hard to take criticism of the film “Upahaar” since he is also one of its major producers.

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