Yash Kumar performing a concert at Alishan

Singer and actor Yash Kumar is going to perform a live concert with his band at Alisan Lounge and Club in Kamalpokhari on Wednesday. In the evening concert, Yash along with his band will sing his famous new and old dozen songs. In the concert, Yash will sing his famous songs like Ma kahile haseko thie…, Timro man badliyo ki…, Birano yo mandir…, Hijo arkai sanga…, Ma afnai Aaganma inaar banauchhu…, Timi Laai kunai pal…Ram Thapa, owner of Gaune Alishan, informed.

Alishan Band is scheduled to give an initial performance at the concert. Only then Yash will go on stage. Yash Kumar released the new song ‘Galli’ a few months ago. He was accompanied by Mechu Dhimal in the song. Nikesh Khadka directed the video of the song, which includes the words and music of Yash Kumar, himself. The video featured Reshma Ghimire and Aishu Barailly.

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