25 percent discount on tickets of ‘Agastya’ for female audience

The film ‘Agastya’ directed by Saaurav Chaudhary has announced that it will give discounts on tickets to female viewers in the third week of its release. The producer issued a statement on Saturday and said that the discount was arranged in respect of the important role and contribution that women play in society.

This film is also based on the story of a woman. The film is based on the story of Nepali women who are sold to India from Nepal. The makers have stated that it received positive word of mouth in the first and second weeks and earned well in the third weekend as well.

Director Choudhary said, ‘Through powerful visual language, we have introduced human trafficking.’ The film has Saugat Malla, Malika Mahat, Najir Husen and Pramod Agrahari in leading roles.

Bishow Gauchan and Abhishek Chaudhary are the executive producers and Prakash Malla, Anish Tamang and Binod Paudel are the producers. Dark Horse Entertainment and Seven Seas Entertainment collaborated on the film’s production.

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