‘Ek Bhagavad Gita’ Teaser: Bipin Karki’s Kamalamai Avatar

The teaser has been released by adding the word ‘Ek’ before the title of the film ‘Bhagavad Gita’. In the 1 minute 32 second teaser released on YouTube on Friday, actor Bipin Karki’s looks and role can make a ‘surprise’. She is playing the role of a transgender woman. In the teaser, he is depicted in Kamalamai avatar. Bipin’s character is seen as violent.

The teaser starts from the Janaki temple in Janakpurdham. Actress Suhana Thapa is seen in a scared expression while actor Dhiraj Magar is present in Gurung attire. Bipin Karki is highlight in the teaser where the other got less ‘screen space’. The film may have picked up the story of the brothel is explained through the teaser .Bipin’s looks can raise the curiosity of the audience towards the film.

Directed by Jharna Thapa, the film also stars Kabir Khadka, Jvis and Jvin Shrestha, Sanjog Rasaili, Mukesh Jha, Anurag Kunwar, Ram Kailash Thakur, Dhiraj Thakur and others. Produced by Sunil Kumar Thapa, the story of the film is written by director Jharana Thapa herself. Along with Jharna, the film has Sarin Pokharel, Parichhed Sen, Purushottam Dhungel and Krishna’s screenplay, and there is a dialogue of Parichhed and Purushottam.

Rajesh Shrestha’s cinematography, Mitra Di Gurung’s editing, Himal KC’s action, Kabiraj Gahatraj’s choreography and Shailesh Shrestha’s background score are the producers of the film Suhana Thapa. The word ‘A’ has been goodluck to Jharana. All the three series of ‘A Mero Hajar’ directed by her were successful. That is why she kept the word ‘A’ in ‘Bhagavad Gita’. The film is being screened on Bhadra 29.

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