The national gathering of film journalists concluded with the release of a 13-point manifesto

The National Meeting of the Film Journalists Association and the Film Journalism Workshop have been completed in Hetaunda. The meeting issued a 13-point Hetaunda manifesto.

Concluding the meeting, the Chief Minister of Bagmati Province, Shalikram Jamkattel, said that the provincial government is making a strategy to work on the development of the film sector. He opined that the movie reflects the condition of society and plays a role in favor of the underprivileged class.

Chief Minister Jamkattel said that even though the budget was allocated to make Dangdung Danda in Dolakha a film city, it did not happen. He said that now efforts are being made to make Dangdunge Danda of Dolakha, Thaha Municipality of Makwanpur, Indrasarobar and Rubivalley Rural Municipality of Dhading film cities.

He said that the provincial government is doing its homework to make a movie act and will pass it in the winter session and issue it as a law. The chief minister also said that the proposal related to the media sector has been submitted in the National Coordination Council meeting, and the process of involving journalists in the Social Security Fund has been initiated.

Bagmati province communications registrar Rewati Sapkota said that the law-making work for the management of the film sector has been initiated. She said that script writing training will be conducted as a procedure for short film production.

In the meeting, topics such as the Film Act, the journalistic code of conduct, and tourism promotion were discussed. Film dialogues, interactions, workshops and other programs were also held.

Samir Balami, president of the Film Journalists Association, said that if the film sector does not develop, the existence of both filmmakers and journalists will be in danger. Therefore, he stressed that everyone should work together for the development of this area.

This is Manifesto-2080

  1. The Film Journalist Association of Nepal requests that the concerned bodies develop the entire Makwanpur along with Hetaunda as a film hub by building the Bhimfedi-Kulekhani tunnel route.
  2. The central government, the state government and the local government demand this meeting from the three levels of government to decide various programs emphasizing cinema tourism for the promotion of tourism in local tourist places.
  3. This meeting demands from both provincial and local governments to build the necessary infrastructure by emphasizing cinema tourism in the areas around Hetaunda and Makwanpur’s Chitlang, Kulekhani, Daman, Thaha, Makwanpurgarhi etc.
  4. This meeting requests the relevant parties to conduct various programs for the study, research, management and expansion of the Nepali cinema market and to co-ordinate with the individuals and organizations that are continuously contributing to the expansion of the Nepali cinema market.
  5. This meeting requests the relevant agencies to make a special plan for its protection and promotion by addressing the problems of journalism.
  6. This meeting demands that online newspapers and bit journalism should also be covered by public welfare advertisements.
  7. This meeting demands that the Film Act be amended as much as possible in a timely manner for the independent film industry and effectively for the development of Nepali films.
  8. This meeting strongly demands the government and related agencies at all levels to decide effective programs for promoting tourism through Nepali cinema.
  9. This gathering requests the related agencies to encourage and promote original films with art, culture and identity and internationally represented Nepali films or filmmakers and filmmakers going to festivals.
  10. This meeting demands for the full implementation of the Working Journalist Act.
  11. The amount of subsidy given by the government to journalist-related organizations is very low. Film Journalist Association Nepal has not even received the grant. The Film Journalist Association requests this gathering from the central, provincial and local governments to provide subsidized funds to Nepal every financial year.
  12. This meeting demands that Hetaunda’s Makwanpurghadi, Shaheed Smarak, Kushmand Sarobar Tribeni Dham, Banaskhandi, Bhutandevi Temple, Pathibhara, Pushpalal Park, Chipleti Village, Harnamadi Murtipark and other places be presented through cinema for promotion and for that the local government should coordinate and arrange concessions.
  13. Ministry of Internal Affairs and Law of Bagmati Province Government and Registrar of Communications Office, Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Bagmati Province Government, Film Development Board, Press Council Nepal, Advertising Board, Nepal Tourism Board, Nepal Television, Film Journalists Association, who assisted in completing the first national meeting of the Association Nepal, Makwanpur branch and all the associations and organizations and all those who supported directly and indirectly, this meeting expresses its sincere thanks.

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