After Bhuwan KC loses the case, Samragyee RL Shah says, ‘Justice always prevails’

On Shrawan 9, 2077, actor Bhuwan KC filed a defamation case against actress Samragyee RL Shah in District Court Kathmandu, demanding compensation of 10 crores. Bhuwan has lost the case in the hearing held on Wednesday after almost three years of filing the case in the court. The single bench of Judge Basudev Paudel has decided that the claim of the complainant KC is not sufficient.

After winning the case, actress Shah expressed her happiness by posting a video on Instagram on Wednesday evening. She mentioned that justice will always prevail. She captioned the video, ‘To all budding artists and rising women, don’t let anyone silence your voice. Speak your truth and stand up for what you believe in.’

In the video, she is also excited for winning the case. She said without pronouncing the name of Bhuwan KC, “That person wanted to show me that I am powerful and have support in the film industry.” And, I was bullied again by suing me for 10 crores. You will not even be able to talk about your experience. It is very scary. What happened doesn’t surprise me anymore.

Three years ago, Samragyee accused Bhuwan KC of misbehavior at an award ceremony held in Japan, telling about her experience of gender discrimination during the shooting of the film ‘Dreams’ in a video on social media. Bhuwan also expressed his anger on Facebook to Samragyee.

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