During the discussion of love, Amesh said, I am ready to marry Samikshya

Singer and film actor Amesh Bhandari and singer Samikshya Adhikari have been very popular on Tiktok lately. The chemistry of these two can also be seen in the TikTok video. They call each other friends and wish each other birthday. Looking at all these, it is not difficult to understand that there is a closeness between these two.

During their recent visit to Australia, these two were making funny Tiktok posts. At this time Amesh has returned home. At the same time, while giving an interview to a television, he also said that he is ready to marry the proposed woman.

The host of the TV show asked Amesh if her parents came home asking him, would you be ready to marry her? Amesh’s answer was, ‘I will be very lucky if that happens. i will marry her as it was my age to get married.

Lately, there is also talk of love between Samikshya and Amesh. Amid this discussion, Amesh said that he is ready to get married. But he said that she is only a friend who can be reviewed. Amesh says, ‘The audience must have thought this because they saw our couple on Tiktok, but we are not in love, we don’t know what will happen next.’

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