Has Anmol left Pooja and Sudarshan’s film?

Has Anmol left Pooja and Sudarshan’s film?

On Asadh19, actress Pooja Sharma signed an agreement with Anmol KC as the lead actor for her new film. It was said that Anmol and Pooja will tie the knot in the film, which will be produced by Pooja and directed by Sudarshan Thapa. However, there are rumors that Anmol has withdrawn from this film for the past few days. It is said that he has already returned the money that he received while signing the film. 

After the audience did not like the character he played in the film ‘Chadke 2’ released last Falgun, Anmol is not thinking of playing a different role immediately. It is said that he decided not to work in Pooja and Sudarshan’s film as he had to appear in different roles and looks. However, director Sudarshan Thapa has claimed that there is no truth in the talk of Anmol leaving the film. He said, ‘There is not even one percent truth about Anmol leaving the film. We are having regular discussions. Probably something will be decided in the next 5/6 days. The thing we want to do is a bit ‘heavy’, so it took time.’ Sudarshan has also called the talk of ‘chapter close’ of film production as a rumour. 

Pooja and Sudarshan brought writers from India for script writing some time ago. The work of script writing was done for about two weeks. However, the work of the film has not progressed beyond the writing of the script. Sources say that Anmol’s character in the script is very isolated and challenging. However, the failure of ‘Chadke 2’ not only left Anmol disappointed, but Pooja-Sudarshan was also badly shaken.

A few weeks ago, Pooja had said in a video interview that she envisioned the film with the idea of ​​showing Anmol in a different way. She said, ‘I started this film specifically to show the ‘best’ for Anmol rather than for me. This film will not happen today or tomorrow. Anmol’s entire look has to be changed in this. So it will take some time.’

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