‘Gurkha Warrior’ received excellent response at the Dharan premiere

A grand premiere show of ‘Gurkha Warrior’, which is popular as an international film, has been organized in Dharan on Saturday. The red carpet premiere of this film was held at Friends Cinemas in Barah Bhavan in Dharan, known as the city of Lahure. Mayor Harak Sampang, head of Dharan sub-metropolitan city, was the special guest at the premiere held under the chief hospitality of Koshi Province Chief Minister Kedar Karki.

In the premiere, film director Milan Chams, actors Vijay Lama, Ritesh Chams, Rebika Gurung, Rare Rai, Trichu Rai and others participated. The film received a positive response at the Dharan premiere.

Chief Minister Karki praised the film for keeping history alive at the premiere. According to him, the film showcased more than just national pride. He added that our history, pride, the bravery of our ancestors, and the living history of their bravery have all been shown to the next generation in this film.

Dharan Mayor Sampang also reported that he sobbed numerous times during the film. I could identify with the film’s narrative. He remarked, “I was touched by the pain of the war and the pain of a mother waiting for her son. “Being born into a Lahure family myself, I recognized my forefather’s faces in the film’s characters. This film is historical.

Tomorrow night, in Pokhara, another Lahure city, Director Chams will have its premiere. Following that, on Falgun 9, the premiere will take place in Kathmandu. The film had its world premiere earlier at London’s renowned IMAX Cineworld. The film is based on the heroic deeds of the Gurkha soldiers from Nepal during the 1949 “Malaya Emergency Jungle War.”

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