Eleena Chauhan made her playback singing debut with Rekha Thapa’s film

Singer Eleena Chauhan has made her playback singing debut in the film to be produced by Rekha Thapa. On the occasion of Gurupurnima, the song ‘Oe Kali Oe Kali’ was recorded in the voice of Eleena and Babul Giri on Monday. The song has music by Babul and lyrics by Shankar Adhikari Ghayal.

Director Gyanendra Deuja said that the production of the film has started with the recording of the song. This film, which is going to be produced under the banner of Rekha Films, is preparing to get the production license from the Film Development Board on Tuesday. It is said that the shooting of this film, which will have Rekha and Pooja Sharma in the lead role, will start from the first week of Bhadra.

The screenplay of this film, which is about social and love story, is written by Abhimanyu Nirvi. The other actors of this film, which is going to be made with two female characters in the lead roles, are yet to be decided. A few months ago there was a discussion about the production of this film. All filming is planned to be done in Kathmandu and surrounding areas.

Rekha and her husband Balram Shahi were also present on the occasion of song recording. Both director Deuja and producer and actress Thapa were confident that the audience would like Eleena’s song. Earlier, Deepak Limbu and Indian singer Abhijit Sawant also made their debut in playback singing under the banner of Rekha Films.

“I am both excited and nervous to get the opportunity to sing in a film for the first time,” said Eleena. The latest songs sung by Eleena are popular. ‘Dhokebaj Hau Timi’ is the latest hit song sung by her. ‘Sirupate Jungama’ is a recent hit song, which is featured in ‘Chakkapanja 4’, sung and composed by Babul Giri. Earlier, Rekha Thapa collaborated with Shankar Adhikari Ghayal in the film ‘Andaz’. Ghayal composed the song “Simple Simple Kanchiko, Dimple Parne Gala” of the film.

The remaining three songs of the film are being composed by Arjun Pokharel.

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