Menuka Pradhan flew to the Czech Republic for the world premiere of ‘Guras’

Actress Menuka Pradhan left for the Czech Republic on Tuesday to participate in ‘The Karlavi Bhari International Film Festival’. She flew to the Czech Republic after her film ‘Guras’ will have its world premiere at the festival on July 5, i.e. this Wednesday. Menuka is going to participate in the international festival for the first time.

This is my first experience at an international festival. So it was natural to be happy. Another thing is that I am curious because I am directly experiencing what I have read and heard,’ she said excitedly, ‘but I want to go there and watch movies more than others. And I haven’t seen ‘Guras’ either, I want to see that too.’ In the film, Menuka plays the role of Guras’s mother. 

She said that despite the role of a mother, she agreed to work because the story was interesting. ‘I never look at the mother or the daughter while filming. I look at my role. I did it because my role was interesting. It was also fun while shooting in Darjeeling for a month,’ she said. Saurav Rai directed the film which is produced by Nepal and India.

Director Rai will also participate in the festival. The film, told through the eyes of a 10-year-old girl who goes in search of a lost dog, presents the story of the changing economic and social relations of Darjeeling. The film is written by director Rai himself. ‘Guras’ is jointly produced by Ramakrishna Pokharel and Sanjay Gulati along with LowIQ Productions.

Tulsi Khawas played the lead role as ‘Guras’ in the film. Khagendra Lamichhane is also acting in the film. Cinematography of the film was done by Subal KR and editing was done by Saurav Rai and Ankita Purkayastha. Gurans’ was selected at the Rotterdam International Film Festival in the Netherlands and won the Hubert Balls Fund in the Netherlands.

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