The “Sati Devi” director was enthralled with Communications Minister Sharma’s interest.

Kathmandu: Communication and Information Technology Minister Rekha Sharma has expressed interest in the new Nepali film ‘Sati Devi’ and said that emphasis should be placed on the production of this kind of original, realistic film in Nepal.

In the meeting held between Minister Sharma and the writer, producer and director of ‘Sati Devi’, Laxman Subedi, on Wednesday at Minister Sharma’s office in Singha Durbar, Minister Sharma was of the opinion that emphasis should be placed on presenting original stories for the development, expansion and growth of the Nepali film industry. Minister Sharma said that she was interested because she had heard that the film ‘Sati Devi’ was based on a female empowerment original story.

Director Subedi explained the subject of his film to Minister Sharma in detail. Director Subedi said that after Minister Sharma listened to the film ‘Sati Devi’ with great interest, the state has committed to providing special support to this type of original Nepali film. Minister Sharma emphasized that she is always in favor of the quality and commercial development of Nepali films and said that she is ready to implement the Film Act soon.

Minister Sharma stated that since film is a very powerful means of expression, it will play a very effective role in the development and promotion of art, language, and culture of the country and held the view that filmmakers should engage in original film production.

Director Subedi said that he was very happy and inspired by the interest and support given by Minister of Communications Sharma towards his film. He also mentioned that Minister Sharma felt that something should be done for the betterment of Nepali films and filmmakers.

Dilasa Creation, in collaboration with Golden State Movie Makers LLC, California, produced the recently hugely popular film. “Sati Devi,” which won the Shiva Regmi Best Film Director and Best Film awards at the Sauraha South Asian Film Festival, which took place in Sauraha during the third week of Magh, starred Malika Mahat, Harshika Wali, Manjila Baniya, Kul Bahadur Adhikari, and other actors. According to director Subedi, the film’s premiere date will be announced soon.

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