The Censor Board did not give permission to ‘Parastree’, objecting to kissing and bed scenes

The Central Film Censor Board (Censor Board) has refused to allow the screening of the Nepali film ‘Parastri’. The board stopped the film after objecting to the scenes of kissing, bed scenes and violence in the film.

Sarla Pun Magar, a member of the Censor Board, said that the makers were asked to remove kissing, bed scenes and violent scenes. The censor board has set a condition that the exhibition can only be allowed if these scenes are removed. She said that blurring is necessary in some scenes.

She said that she suggested to correct things in the film but did not intend to kill the story.

Producer Sharmila Pandey also informed that the film was stopped as the Censor Board objected to some scenes. When those scenes are removed, the story of the film ends. We are not ready to remove it. Instead, let’s go for legal treatment’, she said, ‘We have objection to this action of the Censor Board.’

Distributor Karan Crazy objected to the censor board stopping the film. This film directed by Suraj Pandey is ready to be released on 15th of Asadh.

This film, which is based on the plot of extramarital relationship, contains many bold scenes. It has gathered discussion from the poster. Shilpa Maskey has acted in the lead role.

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