Will ‘Chakka Panja 4’ break the record of ‘Kabaddi 4’ and celebrate 51 days?

In the case of a film, the 51st day of release is considered the standard of success. Although the 51st and 100 days of performance are considered normal in the era of reel-to-reel filming, it has a unique existence and significance with the digital era. Celebrating the 51st day by facing the challenge of domestic and foreign films is in itself a battle of Mahabharata. In this battle, two films ‘Kabaddi 4’ and ‘Mahapurusha’ got success this year. 

Now on the 51st day of the journey, the film ‘Chakka Panja 4’, which was released on Falgun 19th, is here. The film, which started its sixth week from Friday (today), is still getting good shows in multiplexes and single theaters have not lost much. The only reason for this is that the number of viewers watching the film has not decreased. Even without holidays, the occupancy of the film is above 40 percent.

‘Chadke 2’, which ran together, broke the air in two days, then the Nepali films that were screened were weak and the audience was not attracted to foreign films as well. Now the fear of this film is four Nepali films that are going to be screened next week. Because, all the films of Baisakh 1 are eagerly awaited by the audience. 

A big challenge for ‘Chakka Panja 4’ is to break the record of 22 crores of ‘Kabaddi 4’ and celebrate the 51st day of the show. Distributor Manoj Rathi claimed that the film earned 18 crores in three weeks. However, the collection has not been opened since then. Is it possible to break the record of ‘Kabaddi 4’? In response to the question, Rathi said that he will not say anything now as he will publish the collection report next week.

There is a kind of cold war between ‘Kabaddi’ and ‘Chakka Panja’ groups. Although the appearance is a good relationship, the reality is exactly the opposite. There is always a competition between these two groups regarding the business of the film. Therefore, there is pressure on the ‘Chakka Panja’ group to break the historical record of ‘Kabaddi 4’ and make the history of the highest grossing first film. The 51st day can be reached even if it is delayed.

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