The script dispute of Rekha’s film ‘Upahar’ was resolved

Kathmandu: The script of actress Rekha Thapa’s latest film, ‘Uphaar’, which is going to be produced, has gotten into controversy. The dispute was resolved when it was agreed to keep the name of writer Sulakshyan Bharati in the story, screenplay, and dialogue of the film. The director of the film, Gyanendra Deuja, has been informed about the script controversy through social media.

He said, “Filmmaking is a collective work. A general misunderstanding within this family led to a dispute, which was settled. Welcome to the writer Sulakshyan to the ‘Upahar’ family.

Similarly, Sulakshyan also said that the dispute was over because the production unit of ‘Upahar’ accepted the mistake and gave him respect in the team.

A dispute is about:
Regarding the story of the film ‘Upahar’, Sulakshyan Bharati had objected on social media saying that the film was going to be made by preparing a screenplay from another writer without his permission.

Director Gyanendra Deuja countered Bharati’s objection. For some time, accusations were made between director Deuja and writer Bharati on Facebook.

As proof, Sulakshyan published screenshots on Facebook from the script sent to the director by email and the WhatsApp chat with the film’s producer and actress, Rekha Thapa. Director Deuja posted a status on Facebook on Tuesday and warned author Bharti that he may seek legal remedies against defamation and compensation.

After that, Sulakshyan also made public with screenshots on Facebook that he emailed the script to director Deuja three times: on May 18 (first draft), April 2 (revised script), and April 4 (second draft with a rewrite). As the dispute seemed to escalate, both parties settled it in a meeting on Tuesday.

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