‘Baagan’ Teaser: Karisma as a single mother

The teaser of actor Saroj Khanal’s first directorial film ‘Baagan’ has been released. Actress Karishma Manandhar has been given special priority in the teaser released on the internet on Tuesday. She is portrayed as a single mother. In the video of the 1 minute and 13 second long teaser, Karisma’s acting in the dialogue that returns to the actor Neer Shah is pleasing and touchy.

A single woman’s desires, wishes and family behavior are presented through teasers. Saroj Khanal, Pramila Karki (new actress), Bashundhara Bhushal and Mithila Sharma are also featured in the teaser, which started from an old age home. Actor Akash Shrestha is in a special role in the film based on the story written by Swapnil Nirav. This film will be screened from this Asadh 29th.

The producer of ‘Baagan’ is Suresh Wagle and the executive producer is Binod Manandhar, which KB Films has collaborated with Nepali website.com. The film has DOP by Gauri Shankar Dhunju, cinematography by Utsav Dahal and Narayan GC, editing by Arjun GC, Rajesh Shah and Sandesh Shah, VFX by Samir Miyan, color correction by Renish Phago and background score by Sujil Karmacharya.

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