Criticism of Sandip Chhetri after making fun of rape issue on national television

Comedian and television presenter Sandip Chhetri is facing widespread criticism after inviting actor Paul Shah, who was acquitted by the district and high courts on the charge of minor rape, to the program. Chhetri invited Shah as a guest on the ‘What the Flop’ show broadcast on Kantipur Television.

Shah narrated his experience of being jailed in the program. When he was narrating his experience of going to jail, Chettri made a joke of it and laughed. He is currently being criticized for making a sensitive subject like rape a joke on national television. “Paul Shah and Sandip’s hideous scene is a joke on the minor rape incident,” wrote Amrita Lamsal on social networking site Twitter. Similarly, Dinesh Kazi writes, “How can Sandip Chhetri, the father of a daughter, be so shameless and depraved?… He did not remember his daughter’s face in pain?” He was continuing joke on that.

Similarly, Him Bista writes, ‘Sandip Chhetri neither improved yesterday nor today. Tomorrow too, he will laugh at a serious topic like this. What needs to be improved are the institutions that give ‘limelight’ to insensitive characters like him. After the criticism, Kantipur Chairman and Managing Director Kailash Sirohia said, ‘This incident is taken seriously and necessary action will be taken.

It should be remembered that a few days ago, the singer, who was a victim in this case, said in an event that the society is still persecuting her and said that she should not be born as a daughter in her next life.

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