Aryan and Kusum ‘Sakambari’ pairing in ‘Sanjeevani’

Kusum Sharma, who came into limelight with singer Prakash Saput’s song ‘Sakambari’, is now going to become a heroine. She is going to make her debut as an actress with the film ‘Sanjeevani’ which is being made under the direction of Dinesh Shrestha. She is paired with actor Aryan Sigdel in the film. On Tuesday, a poster was released and information was given about the name of the film and the main actor. 

Aryan is seen riding a red scooter in the poster. His white hair and beard, presented in a depressed and serious expression, are blooming. Behind him sits Kusum, who is smiling at Aryan with headphones in her ears. The poster asks a question – ‘Does age really matter in love?’ The poster hints that the main story of the film revolves around this question.

Along Aryan and Kusum will also star Shraddha Chhetri, Arjun Shrestha, Ansuya Shrestha in the film, which is going to start shooting from Bhadra. Aashir Subedi is the presenter, the film is going to be made under the banner of Silver Lake Pictures. Director Shrestha informed that the film will be a love story. Earlier, he has directed three films namely ‘Kaamchor’, ‘Sakuntala’ and ‘Chimusichi’. 

Director Shrestha informed that Aryan has a mature character in the film. He has worked in many love story films before this. But, this will be a different love story in his career,’ he also said about the reason for taking Kusum, ‘I wanted a female character who looked young and short infront of Aryan. We saw Kusum looks fit in the character of the film.’

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