Prabal Gurung and the American Embassy will teach film writing to Madhesh women

The American Embassy and Shikshya Foundation, a social organization of famous Nepali fashion designer Prabal Gurung, are going to organize a screenplay writing workshop for women storytellers of Madhesh Pradesh. This workshop named ‘Tell Your Story’ will be conducted from Thursday to Monday.

Information was given about the press conference workshop held on Wednesday. It is said that a workshop is going to be organized with the aim of creating an opportunity for the women of Madhesh to tell their own stories in the ‘male-dominated’ film industry. “By providing the basic knowledge of screenwriting, the aim is to give that experience the form of a short film screenplay in the voice of a female storyteller who has the potential of Madhesh,” said the statement.

Shivani Singh Tharu, Sarita shah, Sampada Malla, Naveen Subba, Muna Gurung, Deepak Rauniyar, Anvika Giri and Avinash Vikram Shah will teach about film in the workshop. Nine women of Madhesi origin will participate in the workshop.

The first phase of this workshop, which is being conducted in two phases, was conducted from Jestha 16 to Jestha 20. Under which 17 trainees selected through application participated in the five-day virtual class. Among them, nine trainees have been selected for the second phase of the workshop. At the end of the workshop, three short screenplays will be selected, which will be developed as films by filmmakers from Madhesh.

Fashion designer Prabal Gurung, who arrived in Nepal last week, also participated in the event. He hopes to play a role in making the film industry more inclusive by enhancing the ability of women in the film industry to tell stories through Instagram. The Embassy and Foundation organized the workshop in collaboration with Film Independent Global Media Makers.

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