Khadka Garbuja brings Laure Thado bhaka (with video)

Kathmandu- Singer Khadka Garbuja’s new folk song Laure Thado Bhaka was released on Friday.

The lyrics and music in the song by Garbuja. Tara Shrees Magar of The Voice of Nepal accompanied Garbuja in singing.

This song speaks the heart of Lahure. “Laure” is a song sung by the Gurungs and Magars in the Gandaki region when they go to Laure, he said, adding the reference to the song.

Garbuja is a leading folk singer who popularized songs like Salaijo Sorthi, Yanimaya Thado Bhaka Kaura Jhyaure Khayali and popularized them among the youth. He said that he has been in the music industry for three decades and will bring his old songs to the audience through videos. The video of the song features actor Rahul KC and actress Keki Adhikari.

Directed by Raju KC, produce by Rakshya Baniya KC and Akash KC. Laure, choreographed by Sunil Chhetri, was released on KCM’s YouTube channel.

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