Deepak Raj Giri’s sarcasm to Mayor Balen Shah

Now suddenly the discussion of ‘Greater Nepal’ has heated up. After Balen Shah, the Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, hung the map before the Sugauli Treaty in the working room, even the walls of the social networks have been painted with the map of Greater Nepal.

While sharing the map of Greater Nepal, actor Deepakraj Giri of ‘Chakkapanja’ fame took a dig at Balen and other leaders. He, who is interested in contemporary issues, writes, “The present small Nepal is not able to run properly and this is the pace.” What would he do if he had such a great Nepal? Let’s not try to pick up the ground, let’s protect what is there.’

Looking at the time and context, it seems that this sarcasm of Giri is aimed at Balen. Even though he did not reveal his name, it is not difficult to understand that this expression was meant there. But ‘Chakkapanja’ famous producer and actor Nirmal Sharma is standing in favor of Mayor Shah who hangs the map of Greater Nepal.

He writes, “I wish there were leaders as bold, loyal, fearless, visionary, patriotic and result-oriented as Balen Shah, the mayor of Kathmandu.” Film director Manoj Pandit has already been announced the second chapter ‘Greater Nepal: The Struggle of Existence’ of his famous documentary film ‘Greater Nepal’ 18 years ago.

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