Shilpa’s ‘bold scene’ in ‘Parastree’ trailer

After the film ‘Chapli Height’, the trend of making films based on sexual psychology started. In the past few years, there has been a decrease in comedy and love stories. However, the director of ‘Chapli Height’, Dipendra K. Khanal has once again presented the story of sexual psychology through the film ‘Parastree’. Sex, crime and betrayal take center stage in Thursday’s public trailer. 

Actress Shilpa Maskey hosts a radio show. She is always doubted by her husband Koshish Chettri. One day he meets Gaurav Bista in the gymnasium. Gradually they become close to each other and physical relationship is established. On the other hand, the attempt also has an immoral relationship with women. Violent incidents created due to immoral relationships are being tried to be presented in the trailer.

There are some ‘bold scenes’ of Shilpa in the trailer, which can make the audience ‘surprise’. At the trailer release event, she said that the role she played in the film was challenging for her. ‘I prefer to play different roles. However, the role of this film was very challenging. After reading the script, I thought I could work. However, I have tried,’ said Shilpa. 

Suraj Pandey has directed the film, which is going to be screened in Indian theaters in Hindi along with Nepali from the 15th of Asadh. His mother Sharmila Pandey is a film producer. Written by Dipendra, the film also stars Koshish Chhetri, Alisha Chhetri, Aashant Sharma, Geet Bista, Rambabu Regmi, Saraswati Adhikari, Arpit Neupane and others. The cinematographer of the film is Niraj Pandey.

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