The Voice Kids final 16 contestants announced

The ongoing season of the television reality show Voice Kids has been seen as very competitive. The semi-finalists have been announced from last weekend’s episode. It is expected that there will be an interesting competition between the final 16 in the competition to be held on Friday and Saturday.

Sixteen child talents from four coaches, four from one coach’s group, entered the previous stage. In which Prathana Gurung, Srishti Lama, Nishit BK and Isha Rai have entered the semi-finals from Team Milan. From Team Pramod, Ashmik Khawas, Chandan Subba, Rijn Dangi and Binamra Subedi managed to enter the previous stage.

Tara Rai, Parishna Bastola, Aradhya Dhamala and Niharika Khadka from Team Sushant and Arnav Bunn, Ardana Rijal, Shraddha Rai and Sanjita BK from Team Prabisha have entered the semi-finals. The eight contestants with the fewest votes were eliminated last weekend. The grand finale will be held on Jestha 6. The Voice Kids is being aired every Friday and Saturday at 8 pm on Himalaya TV HD.

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