After reaching Maitighar, the artist expressed his solidarity with Mahabir Pun’s movement

Artists have also expressed their solidarity in the movement of scientist Mahabir Pun. Artists have come and expressed their support for Pun’s protest at Maitighar in Kathmandu since Friday.

Nirmal Sharma, executive producer and actor of ‘Chakkapanja 4’ also reached Maitighar and expressed his support for Pun’s movement. Actors Mahesh Tripathi, Manish Raut and Himesh Pant have expressed their solidarity in the protest.

Expressing their solidarity with Pun’s movement, Tripathi has written, ‘Someone has to stay away from their family, leave their soil and reach there not by desire but by compulsion. The policy of respecting the creations of every sector, protecting research and innovation should now be made by the state. This movement will be a decisive movement. That’s why I reached Maitighar today, I have solidarity said Pun.

Mahabir Pun has been protesting in Maitighar since last Friday with various demands, including the allocation of one percent of the budget for invention and innovation. Even at night, he and his supporters are protesting by staying in the house.

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