The auspicious occasion of the movie ‘Kadi’ in Pokhara

The movie ‘Kadi’ directed by Netra Gurung, who directed ‘Naike’ ten years ago, has been auspicious. The film, which is being made in collaboration with Sushmita Films under Netra Entertainment banner, was celebrated at Vindhyavasini Temple in Pokhara on Monday.

In the event, Sankritkarmi Tirtha Shrestha informed that the song Kalakotaile of Maiti Ghar movie was also shot in Vindhyavasini temple and said that he is happy to celebrate Kadi’s auspicious day today.

Mentioning that Pokhara is a natural studio, many movies are shot, Shrestha informed that Indian hero Devananda also shot many movies in Pokhara. He said that films like Hareram Harekrishna were also shot in Pokhara.

Shrestha expressed his regret that Nepali movies were not able to establish themselves in the world. He said that he is confident that “Kadi” will prove to be important in the advancement of Nepali cinema by turning many pillars of Nepali society.

In the program, artist Maotse Gurung mentioned that Netra Gurung is a well-known name in music videos and short films. He said that he was happy to participate in the auspicious occasion of a movie made from Pokhara.

Film director Ghanshyam Lamichhane said that he is confident that ‘Kadi’ will become a novelty for the Nepali film industry. He wished them to move forward to close the gap behind Naike, which was created ten years ago.

Netra Gurung mentioned that Kadi is a dream project for him. He said that he did not even imagine that the story prepared for the music video would become a movie.

The movie, which will be shot around Pokhara, will be made in the genre of suspense thriller. After the auspicious occasion, after a five-day workshop, ‘Kadi’ will go to shooting.

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