Hark Sampang watched ‘Jari’ along with Dayahang and Miruna.

Hark Sampang, the mayor of Dharan, watched this year’s blockbuster film ‘Jari’ by reserving the hall. Along with him, Dayahang Rai and Miruna Magar also reached Dharan to watch the film. On Monday evening, the film was watched by the mayor and a team of actors at the local Friends cinema hall.

Mayor Saab reserved the hall and watched the movie. They have given a good response,” said producer Rambabu Gurung. Other actors of the series Prem Subba, Rekha Limbu were also present in the special show. A special show was organized by the Kokaha water supply project operated by Sampang.

After watching the movie, Mayor Sampang wrote saying that the movie was excellent, “Everyone should watch the movie.” It felt very good.’ Before the special show, a ‘Meet and Greet’ was also organized in the film hall, where actors from the mayor talked to the media about the film.

After the British premiere of the film, Dayahang and Miruna reached Dharan. After visiting Dharan, Dayahang has gone to Bhojpur for household work, while Miruna is preparing to return to Kathmandu on Tuesday. According to the Film Development Board, the film directed by Upendra Subba has collected more than Rs 15 crore till the third week.

Dayahang and Miruna’s next film ‘Nango Gaon’ is getting ready for release on Bhadra 29.

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