‘Sati Devi’ performed a special performance in Tanahun

A special screening of the film was held at QFX Hall in Damauli on Wednesday.

In a special exhibition, Ramesh Kumar Pandey, Mayor of Madhya Nepal Municipality, Lamjung, Omvir Gurung, Chairman of Ward No. 5 of Madhya Nepal Municipality, Keshav Neupane, Chairman of Ward No. 3, Ram Bahadur Shrestha, Chairman of Ward No. 4, Hira Bahadur Gurung, Chairman of Ward No. 7, Mahesh Kumar Pandey, President of Ward No. 9, and representatives of Ward No. 5, Lafa Village Homestay, Sri Srijanashiel Ekta Magar Samaj, were present in large numbers. Everyone who watched the film at the special screening gave a positive response.

The mayor of the Madhya Nepal Municipality in Lamjung, Ramesh Kumar Pandey, stated that “Sati Devi” was well received both domestically and internationally prior to its staged presentation because it was based on an original story. He expressed his commitment to fully support ‘Sati Devi’.

This film, which was shot in different parts of our central Nepal municipality, is getting a lot of praise. Bringing the country’s original art, culture and stories to the world through film is a very commendable task. All of us should give support, cooperation and inspiration to the ‘Sati Devi’ team, which exposes the fragrance of its soil,’ said Mayor Pandey.

On behalf of the film, director Subedi presented a letter of thanks to Mayor Pandey, Ward No. 5 Chairman Omvir Gurung, local Shri Srijansheel Ekta Magar Samaj, Lafa Village Homestay, artist Ivan Shrestha, QFX Damauli and others. Director Subedi said that most of the scenes were shot at various locations, including Ward No. 5 of Madhya Nepal Municipality, and they got a lot of help in filming and promotion, so the show was organized as a thank you.

A few days ago, Information and Communication Minister Rekha Sharma expressed interest in the discussion of ‘Sati Devi’, which won the best film and the Shiv Regmi best film director award at the Sauraha South Asian Film Festival held in Sauraha on the third week of January. Director Subedi reached out to the Ministry of Communications and presented detailed information about his film to Minister Sharma. Minister Sharma expressed her commitment to support ‘Sati Devi’ even from the government.

Produced by Dilasa Creations in collaboration with Golden State Movie Makers LLC, California, Dilasa, Sara and Sridevi Subedi are the producers. Malika Mahat, Harshika Wali, Manjila Baniya, Kul Bahadur Adhikari, Ramesh Budhathoki, Srijana Adhikari, Sandip Babu Lohani, Sujita Siwakoti, Bholaraj Sapkota, Manisha Sapkota, Sandesh Limbu and others have acted in the film.

The release date of the film has yet to be announced.

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