“Laijanay Chhu Timilai,” a new song by Aayush Magar, now has a music video.

The music video for the song ‘Laijanay Chhu Timilai’ featuring the voice and lyrics of singer Aayush Magar has been released on the occasion of Valentine’s Day through his YouTube channel, ‘Aayush Magar’.

Siddhant Rana produced this song, while Uday Raj Paudel handled the sound design.

The music video was filmed on location in and around New York City. The music video showcases the onscreen romance and love between singer Magar and Manikala Gurung.

The video, edited by Bijesh Paudel, was shot by NYC Nepali Lifestyle Production.

Singer Magar, who is currently living in the US, previously sang the song ‘Maya pani Basekai Thiyo’, which is popular among the audience.

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