The action of the government to stop the film ‘Kandetaar’ is not acceptable: Bhim Rawal

CPN-UML leader Bhim Rawal has opposed the decision of the Central Film Screening Committee to block the film ‘Kandetaar’. In a press conference held in Kathmandu on Tuesday, he said that stopping the film is never acceptable.

He should be able to say, “Which dialogues and scenes have hurt the national interest of Nepal,” Rawal said, “If the government stops the film, we will take it to the public and show it.”

RPP MP Gyanendra Shahi said that the film ‘Kandetaar’ should be allowed to run without any problems. “Let’s all sit down and see what is the objection, if there is any objection, we will help the censor board, but we should not stop it,” he said. Professor Surendra KC said that it is not a good idea to stop the film as it should be encouraged more when the country’s borders are crossed and the issue of nationality is raised.

In the press conference, the producer and director Nawal Khadka said that through the film, they have raised the issue of sovereignty, border management since the border has been broken. “Government has acted to prevent us from helping in such matters, we will not back down but go to court,” said Khadka.

According to him, the film is being re-censored in the first week of Jestha. Earlier, during censoring, the censor board stopped the film saying that some scenes and dialogues of the film were inappropriate.

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