The Australian rights of ‘Nango Gaou’ were sold before the filming was completed

The shooting of the film ‘Nango Gaou’ starring the superhit duo Dayahang Rai and Miruna Magar of ‘Kabaddi 4’ and ‘Jari’ has been completed and the Australian rights have been sold. Australia’s MSM Entertainments has purchased the film’s exhibition rights. Although the production team claims that the rights of the film have been sold at a high price, the price has not been disclosed. 20 percent of the film is yet to be shot. 

Presented by Himal Sharma and produced by Jai Shrestha, the film also stars Daya and Miruna along with Samragyee RL Shah, Karma Shakya, Buddhi Tamang, Rabindra Jha, Shishir Wangdel and others. The film will be screened from 29th of Bhadra. It is said that the film will be screened in Australia on the same date as Nepal. The production team is preparing to start the shooting of the second phase of the film in a few days.

Produced under the banner of Manishma Films, the cinematographer of the film is Alok Shukla. The poster released a few days ago to announce the release date suggests that the film focuses on political issues. Director Lama claims that the social narrative has been strongly presented in the film. He has previously directed ‘2 Nambari’, ‘Ghampani and Gopi’.

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