Gaurav and Bimala in ‘Dui Kadam’

Actor Gaurav Pahari’s busyness in films has started to increase. He had completed the shooting of the film ‘Nambari Sun’ only last week. After this, he became busy with the filming of the film ‘Dui Kadam’. He is paired with actress Bimala Limbu in the film. In the pictures provided by the film team from the shooting set, Gaurav and Bimala are seen in a romantic mood.

Directed by Udaya Subba, 20 percent of the shooting is yet to be completed. After the shooting of a song in Mustang, the film, which is currently being shot in Dhankuta, Basantpur, Tehrathum, Ilam, Jhapa and Dharan, has story writing by Dayaram Ghimire, cinematography by Vikram DC, music by Taraprakash Limbu and Vikas Chaudhary, fight by Raju Kiranti and choreography by Ramji Lamichhane.

Produced by Taradevi Limbu under the banner of Ajambari Films, the film stars Sunil Thapa (Rate Kainla), Buddhi Tamang, Ion Limbu, Simon Giri, Arjun Gurung ‘Bhangeri’, Kavita Ale Magar, Chanda Dahal, Jeevan Limbu and others. The film is scheduled to be released in Bhadra. Gaurav has said that he is happy to work in a different love story after a long time.

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