The dominance of ‘Jari’ in the cinema hall

There is a proverb in Nepali, ‘A river that doesn’t believe is swept away.’ The film ‘Jari’ has given meaning to this adage. By the time the teaser was released, not only the filmmakers, but also the team members did not expect the film’s business to be strong. On top of that, the screening of the film was moving again and again. However, when the trailer and the song ‘Chari Basyo’ were released, the hype of the film went up. 

The opening of the film was a bumper after the excellent response received at the premiere held on the eve of the performance and the aggressive sale of the tickets of the show provided by the multiplexes in the advance booking. The film collected 7.5 crores in the first week as ‘word of mouth’ was strong. Even with the release of Bollywood superstar Salman Khan’s film in the second week, the business of ‘Jari ‘ did not weaken.

The film which earned 13 crores in two weeks has also seen a strong performance in the third week. Occupancy of the film is more than 50 percent even on Sundays in most halls. It is projected that the film can collect 15 crores gross within three weeks of release. The three films that have been screened since Friday, ‘Kaidiko Patra’, ‘Prasad 2’ and ‘Nai Nabhannu La 6’, have appeared very innocent in front of ‘Jari’. 

The film is earning aggressively not only in Nepal but also abroad. Currently, director Upendra Subba, actor Dayahang Rai and actress Miruna Magar are in UK for the screening of the film. There is information that every show of the film is getting house full. Director Subba has made the ongoing tradition through love stories , he has also introduced the Limbu tradition, language and culture.

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