A new video has been made for ‘Badal Barsha Bijuli’ after being a hit on Tiktok

Lately the most popular song on Tiktok is ‘Badal Barsha Bijuli’.

The song ‘Badal Barsha Bijuli’ included in the film ‘Kartavya’ which was screened 18 years ago, made Tiktok from artists to the general public.

After becoming a hit on Tiktok, the creator of the song has released a new video. A new video of the song was released at a program in Kathmandu on Monday.

Singer Anand Karki and singer Prashna Shakya have again filled in the vocals. The music video directed by Subrat Acharya can be seen dancing by Viju Parki and Kabita Nepali.

The song has lyrics by Karuna Thapa and music by Sachin Singh. The song has been re-composed. The old song was composed by Phanindra Rai, while the new song was composed by Udaya Raj Paudel.

The audio copyright of this song was taken by Sairam Pictures along with the film. The new video of the song has been released through the official YouTube channel of singer Karki.

The music video was shot by Utsav Dahal and edited by Bijesh Paudel.

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