10 Most Viewed Songs on YouTube in 2079, ‘Lajalu Mayalu’ at the top

Kathmandu. “Lajalu Mayalu” sung by Urgen Dong and Anu Chaudhary has become the most watched song on YouTube in 2079. Released 6 months ago, this song composed by Urgen and Birendra Dong has been viewed more than 40 million times. The song also went viral on Tik Tok and other platforms.

Sajjan Raj Vaidya’s song ‘Dhairya’ is on the third place as the most heard song of the year. This song has been viewed more than 20 million times. Songs of mixed genres have been included in the top 10 of the list prepared on the basis of YouTube views of the songs released from Baisakh 1st to Chaitra of the year 2079.

Songs, singers and views are mentioned in the list.

1. Lajalu Mayalu (Urgen Dong and Anu Chaudhary): 4 crores

2. Chhamak Chhamak (Santosh Sunar): 3 crores 2 lakhs

3. Dhairya (Sajjan Raj Vaidya): 2 crores 18 lakhs

5. Kalo chasma Lau vanxa (Doma Hyolmo): 26 million

6. Solti Bazar (Shanti Shree Pariyar): 2 crores

7. A Ho Ra Maya (Himal Sagar and Anu Chaudhary): 1 crore 99 lakhs

8. Hamro yo maya (Urgen Dong): 18 million

9. Darshan Salam (Chakkapanja 4- David Shankar and Sahima Shrestha): 1 crore 72 lakhs

10. Meri Champa (Tanka Timilsina): 16 million

Apart from this, some of these songs became very popular this year, which created buzz among the audience. The ghazal ‘Ke Lat Basyo’ with the music and voice of Tilak Singh Pela garnered the most buzz this year. This ghazal presents the unique joy, sweetness and singing of music in a bid to go viral. This ghazal song made Pela himself a star overnight. As of Monday, ‘Ke Lat Basyo’ has been viewed 6.4 million times.

The song ‘Aago Bina Bidi Jaldaina’ from the film Jingedaau which has garnered 74 lakh views is also one of the viral songs this year which has been viewed 74 lakh times. The song ‘Kauli’ in the voice of Hari Bansh Acharya is also one of the favorite songs now. Apart from YouTube, Spotify, another music platform, has become very popular among music lovers recently. Sajjan Raj Vaidya is one of the most listened to singers on this platform as well.

Similarly, Chunumunu (Ashish Aviral), Keshari (Kabaddi 4- SD Yogi), Jaruri Kura chha (Samhalichha Kahile Mann- Anju Pant and Suresh Lama), Fulai fula Dinchhau ki remake (Shiva Pariyar), Fateko Man (Pashupati Sharma), Babri Rang ( Babri – Asmita Adhikari and Anmol Gurung), Man Bhulcha ( Prakash Dutraj) and other songs had significant views but could not make it to the top 10.

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