7 actors of the year 2079: From bringing life to the character to the crisis of star power

Kathmandu- The year 2079 was memorable in terms of acting. Some of these actors who managed to put themselves in the center from the box office to the artistic side.

Be it for personal or professional reasons, the entire year revolved around this actor. Some actors got involved in controversies and some made huge money at the box office.

Some actors failed completely at the box office, while others remained in the limelight for personal reasons rather than professional ones.

Here some actors of the year 2079 are discussed, who managed to attract the attention of the audience and fans throughout the year. Some of the actors who are in the limelight this year are mentioned here.

Dayahang Rai

Actor Dayahang Rai starrer ‘Kabaddi 4: The Final Match’, ‘Dui Nambari’, ‘Ke Ghar Ke Dera’ and ‘Phulbari’ are the hit films released this year. The total gross of these four films comes to around 45 crore rupees. Dayahang was one of the leading roles in these four films. Naturally, Dayahang became the ‘poster boy’ of this year’s domestic box office.

Although there are places of debate about his acting style in these three films, these three films played a role in the stardom of Dayahang. Dayahang’s stardom expanded in the international market as well. Apart from that, he questioned the society through the television program ‘Jatko Prashan’. This year, he completed the film ‘Gaon Ko Bato’ aimed at international festivals. Dayahang was in the limelight this year from the angle of box office, art and social activism.

Deepak Raj Giri

In terms of star power, Deepakraj Giri is the most famous actor of this year. He reaffirmed his stardom with ‘Chakkapanja 4’ which was released on Falgun 19. Even in the sixth week, the fourth series of films produced and written by Deepak is running in Nepal and abroad. He was active not only as an actor but also as a film writer and producer. This year he also contributed to the expansion of the international market. The Raja character he acted in ‘Chakkapanja 4’ became a hit character this year.

Bipin Karki

‘Ke Ghar Ke Dera’ and ‘Phulbari’ starring Bipin Karki are the films released this year. His performance in Ke Ghar Ke Dera was highly appreciated. In Phulbari, he played the role of a 60-year-old retired government teacher. The characters he acted could directly connect with the society. In terms of characters, Bipin is a memorable actor this year. Had the court not stopped ‘Prasad 2’ was his next awaited film in which he has the lead role. He had to leave the Bollywood film ‘Animal’ at the last stage. The controversy of Prasad 2 brought Bipin into the limelight. He is currently busy with ‘Bashme Don’.

Saugat Malla

Saugat Malla is the actor who has released the most films this year. ‘Kabaddi 4’ starring him was the first blockbuster film of the year. ‘Dui Nambari’ was Saugat’s second hit film. His subsequent films Mantra, Radha, Ghanchakkar, Michael Adhikari and Lakhe failed to do well at the box office. But the characters he did remained in the news this year. Sougat also came into limelight this year due to his breakup with girlfriend actress Srishti Shrestha.

Pradeep Khadka

Pradeep Khadka is undeniably another hit actor of this year, both from the point of view of box office and discussion. Prem Geet 3, starring him, earned double figures at the Nepali box office, while its Hindi version garnered buzz all over the world, including India. Pradeep became a known face in India. Not only this, the Hindi version of Prem Geet 3 became the Nepali film to be released in international markets and film chains. His controversy with Bhuwan KC regarding the release of Prem Geet 3 made headlines this year. Pradeep starrer ‘Prakash’ released this year is another successful film. This film was excellent from both box office and review point of view. From Prakash, Pradeep won the best actor award at NIF Film Festival.

Anmol KC

The year began with the release of Anmol KC’s film ‘Ae Mero Hajar 4’. Despite ‘KGF 2’, this film did well at the box office. This film directed by Jharna Thapa gave relief to Anmol. But Anmol’s gangster ‘2.0 Chhadke’, released on Falgun 19, was a complete failure at the box office. This not only affected Anmol’s career, he has also clarified that he failed in this project. Overall, the year 2079 was shocking for Anmol.

Arpan Thapa

Naturally, Arpan Thapa is the hit actor of this year. He had one of the top roles in ‘Chiso manchhe’, where he is seen in the role of a car driver. He is seen in the role of a helpless single man who is unable to pay the car installments due to the lockdown. His character was very touching. He was seen in another strong role in the film ‘Lakhe’. His character in ‘Prasad 2’, which looks like Negative , is his next much awaited film, which is yet to release. Although his films did not make much impact at the box office, he is contributing to the film through his character.

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