In the voice of Swaroop Raj ‘Euta Prashna’ by Dr. Bastakoti

The Touch Creation has released the song ‘Euta Prasaran’ in the voice of Swaroop Raj Acharya, a popular singer of Sugam Sangeet.

The song has lyrics by Dr. Rishi Bastakoti and music by Rajesh Thapa, the music composition of this song is done by Niroj Lama and the sound mixing is done by Kishore Thapa. The music video featuring singer Acharya himself was shot by Mukesh Humagai and edited by Binod Bam. The music video was directed by Puja Thakuri.

Many people were asked many questions in life. This time, I wanted to ask myself a question and this song was born,” says Bastakoti, the composer of the song. Stating that they were excited by the initial response after the song was released, lyricist Bastakoti made it clear that in the era of watchable songs, this song was made more for the ears and the mind than for the eyes.

Composer Rajesh Thapa said that he was proud to be able to collaborate on a profound song with a philosophy of life. Singer Swaroopraj Acharya is hopeful of getting the love of the source/audience in this song as in his previous creations.

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