The English trailer of ‘Bato: Road to Death’

The English trailer of the film ‘Bato: Road to Death’ has been released. Some time ago, after the good reviews of the Nepali trailer, the production unit has brought the trailer in English as well.

In this trailer too, the psychotic cult gang is shown as a terrible villain. The story of the film is not revealed in the trailer. The trailer is very attractive.

The Nepali road thriller film ‘Bato: Road to Death’, produced by a South Indian team in the South Indian style, received good reviews.

Produced under the banner of Kathmandu Films Pvt Ltd, the writer and director of the film is Madan Thapa and the cinematographer is Sharan Rishi. Director Thapa and cinematographer Rishi are famous personalities in the Chennai film industry of India. The film, which is undergoing excellent technical work in Chennai, India, will be produced in 4 separate languages, Nepali, English, Tamil and Hindi.

Mithila Sharma, Aashant Sharma, Rakshya Thapa, Sulakchhyan Bharati, Utppal Jha, Bijay Anand Tamrakar, Pashupati Rai and others can be seen in the lead roles in the film. The producer of the film is Chandan Jha. Producer Jha is also the founder of Kathmandu Film.

The release date of the film, which was shot at Gaighat in Udaipur apart from various locations in Kathmandu, has not been announced yet.

For the first time in Nepal, a film is going to be produced in Dobby Atmos sound system. According to the production unit, the release date of the film will be announced soon.

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