On YouTube right now, Eleena’s song “Katta Handinchhu” is very popular.

Singer Eleena Chauhan is in the limelight due to her recent breakup. Although the news of the breakup caused her some stress, the song seems to have benefited her.

Her recently released song ‘Katta Handinchhu’ has managed to become trending on YouTube on the third day of its release. The song released through Obi Rayamajhi’s YouTube channel managed to capture the third position of YouTube trending by getting 244 thousand views until the time of the news.

Khem Century and singer Eleena Chauhan have given voice to the song, which has lyrics by Netra Aryal and music by Khem Century. HBN Kismat has arranged, mixed, and mastered the music for the song.

Aashma Bishwokarma and OB Rayamajhi are featured in this dance-style video, which Ramji Lamichhane choreographed and directed. The video for the song is about a girlfriend cheating on her boyfriend.

Bande Prasad edited the music video, while Rajendra Moktan was in charge of color coordination. Man Krishna Maharjan shot the song.

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