The way is open for the release of ‘Prasad 2’, the High Court did not give an interim order

27 Chaitra, Kathmandu. The way for the release of the film ‘Prasad 2’ is open. The Patan High Court has refused to grant an interim order as per the demand made by Keshav Pandey to stop the release of the film.

The joint bench of Judges Rajendra Kharel and Bimal Subedi has ordered that Keshav Pandey can use other legal means to implement the contract with producer Subas Thapa, but cannot stop the screening of the film, informed Tarakumar Shrestha, advocate of Film Development Board.

It is stated in the order of the High Court that “stopping the screening of the film by means of a writ is not appropriate from the point of view of balance of convenience, so the interim order should not be issued as per the petition demand”.

Earlier, Prasad 2 was scheduled to be released on 24 Chaitra. But the demonstration was stopped because the High Court issued a short-term interim order on a writ filed by Keshav Pandey.

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