Dayahang treated ‘Jari’ as Kakha and ‘Bihe Pas’ as Pakha

Every mother loves her child. A film is also a child for an artist. It takes months and days from pre-production to dubbing. Well, they get paid for it. However, hard work and time are more valuable than wages. After working in a film, it is the religion of an artist to cooperate till the performance. Just like a mother empowers her children by raising them.

However, it has been seen that actor Dayahang Rai treated ‘Jari’ as Kakha and ‘Bihe Pas’ as Pakha, which are going to be screened from Baisakh 1st. He wanted both of his films not to mix, but it was not possible. As both the films were going to clash, he had to take both of them together in the promotion. However, he is more concern of ‘Jari’.

If you look at his Facebook, it is on favor of ‘Jari’. Sometimes he has shared news related to this film and sometimes posters, teasers, songs and trailers. From January 22 to March 8, he has only 24 posts of Jari on Facebook. However, only the trailer, two posters, one song and the teaser of ‘Bihe Paas’ are posted on his Facebook. From this it can be seen that how he behaved towards ‘Bihe Pas’.

Now, the film ‘Nago Village’ starring him is being shot in Kavre. However, he is traveling around Kathmandu to promote ‘Jari’ after taking time off from the shooting of this film. On Wednesday, he gave an interview to the media about the film for 6/7 hours. However, he has not given even an hour’s time for the ‘Bihe Pas’. However, the film team itself has not shown interest in publicity.

The reason why he loves ‘Jari’ is because it is like his home movie. He preferred this film as it was produced by Rambabu Gurung, the director of the ‘Kabaddi’ series and directed by Upendra Subba, the writer of the ‘Kabaddi’ series. However, Dayahang does not forget that ‘Bihe Pas’ is also his own child. At least in social media, he should give a good place to ‘Bihe Pas’.

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