Nepali film ‘A Road to Village’ was selected at the “Gothenburg Festival” in Europe

Nabin Subba’s film ‘A Road to Village’ has been selected for the 47th Gothenburg International Film Festival in Europe (Sweden). It is said that the film will have its European premiere at the festival, which will run from January 26 to February 4. Earlier, this film was selected and screened at the Toronto Film Festival, the Busan Film Festival, and the Mumbai Film Festival.

The film is based on the social background of the Rai community and stars Dayahang Rai, Pashupati Rai, Prasan Rai, Keshab Rai, Sumitra Rai, Raj Thapa, Prem Subba, etc. The film has raised ups and downs in the father-son relationship since the road came to the village. Since Subba made a comeback as a director after almost 6 years, there is a big expectation of the audience towards ‘A Road to Village’.

Mahesh Rai and Nabin Subba wrote the screenplay for the film, which features photography by American cinematographer Josh Herum. The producer of the film is Amod Rai, and the director is Nabin Subba, while Sanju Rai, Devraj Rai, Narhang Rai, and Bhim Rai are the executive producers. In Nepal, this film is coming to public screening on Jestha 18 in collaboration with Bansuri Films, the production company of ‘Kabaddi’.

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