Suman, who is active in UK local politics, brought ‘Yasto Euta Sansar’

Kathmandu – Singer Sunita Thegim and singer Ganga Raj Rai’s song video has been released. The lyrics of the song with music by singer Ganga Raj are from Janu Kambang Limbu.

Actor Dhruba Dutt and model Rojina Dhakal are acting in the video of ‘Yasto Euta Sansar’ which is filled with an exciting love story of a couple in love.

Suman Pun, who has stepped into London’s local politics, produced the video under the direction of director Kushal Shrestha, who has been in London for a decade and a half and has been busy directing music videos.

Similarly, the music video was shot and edited by director Shrestha. Kushal is a British journalist. It is claimed that it is different from the dozens of music videos he has directed. The song has choreography and make-up by Deepika Shrestha, arranged by Uday Raj Paudel and mixed by Kishore Thapa.

Watch the video

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