The music video for the new Nepal Bhasa song ‘Jeri Chakusey’ by Raju Lama and Indira Joshi released

The new Nepal Bhasa song “Jeri Chakusey” has a music video that was released on the jyotimusic YouTube channel on Saturday. Renowned vocalists Raju Lama and Indira Joshi can be heard singing the song. It was the first time either of these singers had performed a duet song, but they did so in Newari rather than Nepali.

Bishwas Bajracharya wrote the song’s lyrics, while Firoj Bajracharya composed the music and arranged the song.

In the Bishwas Bajracharya-directed music video, singer Lama and singer Joshi are featured. In the video, both are presented in Newari costumes, in which they look attractive. Rahul Baraili and Rabita Bake choreographed the music video for the song. Akrist Shakya edited and colored the music video, while Mukesh Humagain and Akrist Shakya took the shots.

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