The pair of Najir and Shristi in ‘Keti Haraeko Suchanaa’

A film called “Keti Haraeko Suchanaa” is going to be produced. Deependra Gauchan is the writer and director of this movie; information about the main actors was revealed on Monday along with the script. In the film, actress Shristi Shrestha and actor Najir Husen will be paired together. This will be their first time working together. Both are excited about the film.

The film, which is going to be produced under the banner of Tri-City Pictures, has Nakim Uddin as executive producer. He is the owner of Nepal’s largest multiplex chain, QFX, and he has previously produced the films ‘The Man from Kathmandu’, ‘Suntali’, ‘Sano Sansar’ and ‘Kagbeni’. Nakim Uddin made a comeback to filmmaking five years later. The shooting of the film will start this Thursday.

The co-executive producers of the film feature Anin Rajbhandari, Manohar Das Mool, Jyoti Man Sherchan, Mahendra Shakya, Chandra Bhattachan, Sanjay Bhattachan, and Robin Thapa. Amitesh Shah is the film’s association producer, while Amit Pokhrel is its co-producer. Janakpur and Kathmandu will be the locations for Amar Maharjan’s cinematography. About thirty years ago, Director Gauchan directed the child marriage-themed teleserial “Ujeli.” He is a national of Cambodia. In addition, he has produced and directed a few films in Cambodia. ‘Keti Haraeko Suchanaa’ suggests from the title that the main character will be a female.

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