A new rendition of “Kanchi Ko Allare Joban” by singer Bidhan Shrestha.

A new rendition of pop singer Bidhan Shrestha’s well-known song “Kanchi Ko Allare Joban” has been released. The new video of the song released under Old Durbar Rewind Volume One was released through the YouTube channel Revolution TV on Saturday.

With the release of the song’s original version in 1997, Bidhan Shrestha became well-known to the public. The composer of this song was the late Dhruva Basnet.

Puran Limbu on bass, Saroz Pariyar on guitar, Ujjwal Tamang on keyboard, Amon Manandhar on drums, Umesh Pandit on flute, and Shyam Tamang and Benjamin Gurung on backing vocals are featured in the recently released version of this song.

Manoj Kumar KC and Manzil Bikram KC have done the music production, re-arrangement and conducting of this song. Nischal Shrestha and Sumiran Maharjan took the shots, while Pavel Udas directed the music video. The music video’s director of photography and editor was Bizu Karmacharya. Asish Syangden provided the concept for this video. He is also its executive producer.

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