The music video for the new song “Badal Bhitra” by Pratap Das and Anju Pant

The music video for the new song ‘Badal Bhirta’ in the voice of Anju Panta and Pratap Das has been released through the YouTube channel Dinpari Creation.

Arjun Pokharel is the composer of the song, while Bishnu Bhandari wrote the lyrics. Naresh BBC did the mixing and mastering, and Kushal Singh did the arrangement of the music.

In the Bikram Chauhan-directed music video, Dinesh Bista and Heer Shahi are featured. Bikram Chauhan choreographed the music video for the song. Laxman Chauhan edited and Milan Bishwokarma colored the music video, while Prakash Khadka & Team took the shots.

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