The two first-look posters of Priyanka from “Button”

Next year, actress Priyanka Karki plans to produce two feature films. Before that, she produced the short film ‘Button’. She shared two first-look images and information about the movie on social media on Tuesday, the day of her birthday. Priyanka is depicted in both posters as a depressed married woman from a far-off village.

Looking at the poster, it seems that Priyanka is now trying to mold herself into a different character. Otherwise, she was enjoying romantic roles. Samten Bhutia directed the film “Button,” which was filmed in Dhading. With Priyanka, he previously filmed the film “Anaagat.” Priyanka’s production company, Ayanka Films, is producing “Button,” which is ready to be submitted to international festivals.

Along with Priyanka, the film stars Royal KC, Alex KC, Arun Regmi, Ghanshyam Joshi, and actress Renu Yogi. Director Bhutia is also the writer and editor of the film. Priyanka Karki and Ayushman Joshi served as executive producers. Ayushman Joshi took the film’s shots.

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