The music video for the new song ‘Barbadi’ by Menuka Paudel released

The music video for the new song titled ‘Barbadi’ in the voice of Menuka Paudel has been released through the Youtube channel Kshitiz Sapkota. CD Vijaya Adhikari sings along with Menuka.

CD Vijaya Adhikari is the composer of the song, while Kshitiz Sapkota wrote the lyrics. Sajan Shah did the mixing and mastering, and Puskar Khatri did the arrangement of the music.

In the Prahil Karki-directed music video, actors Aakash Shrestha, Karoona Shrestha, Dipendra Raj Giri, and Nirmal Bhandari are featured. Punam Shrestha choreographed the music video for the song. Madhab Belbase edited and colored the music video, while Uttam Humagain took the shots.

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