Nepali folk culture performance in Europe

Under the leadership of the famous dance director Jogendra KC, about two dozen artists are currently on a European tour. They have reached Europe some time ago with the aim of presenting Nepali folk dance in different cities of Europe.

They started their European tour with a week-long ’25th Plzen Folk Cultural Fair’ art exhibition held in the city of Plzen, Czech Republic. In the art exhibition held from June 6 to June 10, cultural teams from different countries, including Nepal, Croatia, Ukraine, Slovakia, etc., presented their respective countries’ culture.

The cultural presentation of the war-affected country of Ukraine in the event made everyone emotional.

Endangered dances culturally and traditionally danced by Nepal, Rod, Sena, Maruni, Bhangad, Kauda, ​​Dhime Bhojpuri, Himal, Chebuch, Tappa, Salaijo, Magota, Garo, Hatkali, etc. were presented in the program. The representatives of all the participating countries watched the dance program of Nepal with great interest.

The participating team from Nepal has participated in a cultural program in the city of Samav Mayva in Slovakia after the Czech Republic program. The cultural performance organized from last June 12 will continue till June 19. Dance director Jogendra KC said that Nepal and other countries are also participating in this program. According to KC, there is an opportunity to share culture with cultural teams from other countries as well as to teach the art and culture of their own country.

Nepali artists are in Europe at the initiative of Everest Nepal Culture Group. Ramchandra Koirala, head of Everest Nepal Culture Group, is also in the team. Dance director Jogendra KC has presented Nepali art and culture in many countries before this.

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